The Weather

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Weather Statisitics for Kissimmee:

           High Temp   Low Temp   Rainfall 
January 71°F 47°F 2 in.
February 72°F 48°F 3 in.
March 76°F 52°F 3 in.
April 81°F 57°F 2 in.
May 86°F 63°F 4 in.
June 89°F 69°F 6 in.
July 91°F 71°F 7 in.
August 91°F 71°F 7 in.
September 89°F 70°F 6 in.
October 83°F 64°F 3 in.
November 78°F 56°F 2 in.
December 72°F 49°F 2 in.



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Located just fifteen minutes away from Orlando International Airport.

2416 Winchester Boulevard
FL 34743